Deena Zaidi


As an independent contributor, I write for  VentureBeat,  Chatbots MagazineTheStreet, Truthout, EconomyWatch,  and  Seeking Alpha.

My stories can also be found on BuzzFeedVocalMSN Money, Yahoo FinanceThe Independent, LinkedIn Pulse, and Digitalist Magazine (SAP Publication) where I’ve written on a bunch of topics that widely range from finance and economics to technology and geopolitics. My fintech stories appeared in the ‘Top5 Finance Blogs‘ in 2018.

My passion for writing stems from my curiosity and unconditional love for finance, and tech. I first wrote a working paper on “Eurozone Debt Crisis and Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies” for Global Credit Review (which can be found here).

I hold a degree in MBA-Finance, MSc- International Banking and Finance and CFA (ICFAI). I am also a member of Society of Professional Journalists and Asian American Journalists Association. Have a certificate in Data Analytics from Northeastern University, Seattle.

I am currently covering business and tech developments that are helping in curbing global poverty. My stories on tech innovations in developing countries can be found on non-profits like The Borgen Project and Global Citizen.

I love random street photography and have published pictures on  I live in Seattle.

If you have a pitch to send in then feel free to ‘Contactme and I will touch base with you.

For further rambling – please connect on TwitterInstagram, and Linkedin