Right investments in 2014 are important to an Indian investor or NRIs looking to invest in India. With inflation, volatile markets and political instability, as portfolio should have enough room for savings and a long term return. This article focuses on the different areas to invest in.Having said that, it should be kept in mind that all investments are subject to market risks.Read More →

2014 is definitely a year to watch out for especially for those who have a kept a keen eye on Indian markets and have wondered the fate of the Indian Rupee.Well, amidst all the economic mayhem, 2014 is also important politically.Reason: it’s the election year. 2014 is a bit different than any other election year held before. This is because India is going through an economic reform process. Read More →

Recurring Deposits (RD) are a great way to deposit bit by bit and yield a high amount on maturity. A very popular tool for those who cannot use the entire savings but a few thousands in order to get a high amount back on maturity. The interest charged on these deposits is similar to the ones on fixed deposits. Personally, even if you shell out Rs. 100  every month then it can get you a higher returns later. The recurring deposit starts with INR 100 in banks, INR 10 with post Office and maximum limit can be any.Non Resident Indians (NRIs)are not allowed to have suchRead More →

So gold rises….. years later it seems to be again on the move!! That is exactly how the story of gold goes.They usually say ‘ old is gold’ to things that are invaluable but when one looks in deeply then in literal sense,the more old the gold is  the more closer it is to being priceless. Traditionally stored in the form of jewellery, coins and behold, even bars, gold seems to always have gained momentum over a period of time. When it rises in value, we usually think “wish we had bought gold yesterday” or “thank god we bought it yesterday!” Needless to mention goldRead More →

Money is something that needs to be managed well and any delay in its management can lead to losses that could have proven to be large profits. Given the present Indian scenario, I will be highlighting a few things to keep in mind while making investments. I am sure that these will prove good in long as well short term however reading the  fine prints during investment is a must as the investments  may be subjected to market risks 1.       Never put all eggs in one basket-DIVERSIFY An old saying but it holds true while making investment decisions. The concept behind this is that when youRead More →