Before investing any one would want to know how mutual funds work. Now, if you ask this from a finance professional, mostly, you’ll get answers that raise even more doubts because the clarifications are full of financial jargon In simple words, you will be more confused than before. Read More →

So gold rises….. years later it seems to be again on the move!! That is exactly how the story of gold goes.They usually say ‘ old is gold’ to things that are invaluable but when one looks in deeply then in literal sense,the more old the gold is  the more closer it is to being priceless. Traditionally stored in the form of jewellery, coins and behold, even bars, gold seems to always have gained momentum over a period of time. When it rises in value, we usually think “wish we had bought gold yesterday” or “thank god we bought it yesterday!” Needless to mention goldRead More →

Bank Fixed Deposits (FDs) are a very safeway to jumpstart your savings. If you have a savings account (I am sure we all do) then this is an article that will help you yield better returns. It is often advisable to park your savings funds into a fixed deposit for the simple reason that if the money is lying idle for 2 mths or more then you will get higher returns than you would in a normal savings account i.e. 4%. Adding benefits are that this is a safe investment and has many features to choose from. As we are aware that India’s banking sectorRead More →

Money is something that needs to be managed well and any delay in its management can lead to losses that could have proven to be large profits. Given the present Indian scenario, I will be highlighting a few things to keep in mind while making investments. I am sure that these will prove good in long as well short term however reading the  fine prints during investment is a must as the investments  may be subjected to market risks 1.       Never put all eggs in one basket-DIVERSIFY An old saying but it holds true while making investment decisions. The concept behind this is that when youRead More →

The year of 2012 saw one of the biggest scandals in the international banking industry that went unnoticed and was less talked about amidst the Euro Zone crisis. The reason this becomes big now and needs immediate attention is because it could be the beginning of a ‘Big Bank Scandal’. When banks start operating purely for profit purposes, then any sort of manipulation may yield to serious results where the customers face huge losses and a loss of investors’ confidence. Before digging deep in the scandal, it is important to know exactly what Libor is and how it is controlled. Libor is London Inter-bank OfferedRead More →

From 1980 to 2012, India’s economy has come a long way. The regulatory structure of the economy and many sectors have seen a vast change. Along with a prominent services sector, the financial markets have developed too.They are more cushioned than before to face triggers in the economy.Foreign exchange reserves are larger and exchange rates are more market determined. In 1991 , India had an administered rate, private inflows were less and there were no dollars left for imports and hence new credits were not allowed. The government was about to default and only 3 week’s imports could be supported. Dr. Manmohan Singh, the finance ministerRead More →

The suspense over whether Spain will seek a bailout is getting more clear as there are hints in the market that there could be a bailout deal. Madrid has successfully raised €4.6bn (£3.7bn) which is definitely oversubscribed and good news for Spain-a sign that investors are more confident the government can pay its bills.. The auction results yielded some good results and brought relief to the city that has been seeing some tough times. Nick Spiro of Spiro Sovereign Strategy, an analyst says that although investors are starting to lose patience with Spain, they don’t want to throw in the towel for fear of missing out onRead More →