India faces a financial crisis and falling of our domestic currency ( owing alot to the Euro-crisis) is just one of the indications. In the past year, it has fallen by around 26% affecting the country’s imports.In such cases, only the central bank intervenes and that is exactly what India’s central Bank (RBI) has been doing.On June 17th 2012, RBI left the interest rates unchanged and put the market in dismay. At this point in time, India is facing some major changes like slow growth, high inflation, falling of the rupee, slowdown of Foreign Investment Inflow and Balance of payment problems. In 1980’s, India startedRead More →

Last year in November,2011, Indian Banking industry had been downgraded by Standard  & Poor’s (S & P) from stable to negative. The US credit crunch and Euro Zone crisis have had a major role to play in the downfall of some of the other major economies in the world.When asked last year on the reaction of the downgrade, the government called it of  ‘no significance’ and said that the financial system was much healthier and stronger owing to country’s  strong lending system.This rank was looked through by Financial Services Secretary D.K. Mittal who said “We are not concerned. We are not affected by the downgrade. Looking atRead More →

LOS CABOS,Mexico A group of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors form G20. These are from 20 major economies namely: Mexico, India, USA, UK, Turkey, Argentina, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, EU, France, South Korea, China, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Russia, Germany, Mexico, Canada and Indonesia. The key issues and strategies towards achieving a stable global economy is the main purpose of these meets.With the major crisis faced in Europe this meet becomes very important.  The question raised in many minds is ‘will this meet have any significant results or not?’ With the wide differences in views between the rich and the developing nations, it is unlikelyRead More →