While a reliable method to accurately identify suicidal patients is missing from medical literature, researchers are continually striving for AI-solutions to predict and prevent suicidal attempts. Suicide is cited as the 10th leading cause of death and is one of three leading causes on the rise, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). AI tools are diligently being deployed to address the rising suicide risk. Machine Learning for Identifying Suicidal Thoughts In a recent research, researchers from Vanderbilt University applied machine learning (ML) to overcome the limitations of traditional methods that predict suicide attempts by looking into the electronic health records of adult patients. The outcomes showedRead More →

The competition for Snap Inc. (SNAP) is getting more intense as tech and social media giants switch gears to divide the personal and advertised content and take stringent steps to address the issue of ‘fake news’. Snap’s Story so far…. For starters, Snap went public in 2017 and was considered to be the second largest tech stock IPO, behind only to Facebook (FB). Launched as a ‘camera company’, it faced stiff competition from established tech and social media giants like Google (GOOGL), Twitter (TWTR), and Facebook. Soon after its IPO, Snap’s stock price tumbled, falling below its IPO price of $17 per share and comparisons were madeRead More →