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Banks’ Worst Nightmare – Carbanak Heist

As banks slowly approach the age of digitalization they already seem to be facing tough challenges that are related to their own systems’ security. Banks have been victims to many cyber crimes but so far the crimes had been related to hacking into customers’ accounts. The shift from hacking customers’ accounts to hacking banks’ systems seems to be one of the latest and perhaps the biggest and quietest cyber crimes. In the past, bank robberies might not have been so planned and professional but with changes in technology, even cyber crimes seem to keep up

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Banking Industry has evolved tremendously over a period of time. Nowadays, modern banking sector is doing away with its traditional methods and shifting focus to a more advanced and digitally connected network. While many countries are still struggling to get basic banking facilities, there are others that are growing not only in number but facing fierce competition from non-banks. As we all know, banking, in recent years, is not all about depositing and taking loans but much more.