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The Financial Ripple (2007 – 2013)- As It Happened

The ripple effect of the financial downturn spread across nations from 2007. The intensity of financial shock from US Subprime Mortgage Crisis was so large that it caused Europe to witness a falling economy. Through out 2009 till 2013 Eurozone has been facing a fluctuating economy causing serious concerns over rising unemployment and failure to revive the sleeping economy. In 2013, Asia Pacific faces serioius concerns with China, Japan & India falling slowly in the financial trap.The falling rupee, tumbling asian stock markets and a high food inflation are causing grave concerns over asian economies.

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The Eurozone’s Austerity Obsession

A small focus on what Austerity is about and how Portugal is facing hard times after Greece and Ireland. Different economists have different analysis to make but traditional theories remain intact and this world meltdown seem to be questioning some theoretical approaches towards a more practical world.