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Banking with Artificial Intelligence

Faced with unprecedented challenges, banks have started racing to embrace AI to gain a competitive advantage. With the advent of chatbots, personal assistants, and robo-advisors, it may not be too hard to imagine that the next wave […]

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HydroIQ Intends to Solve Africa’s Water Problem

To address Africa’s water problem, tech startups like HydroIQ are stepping in to digitize the water accessibility and billing system for consumers. According to the U.N., two-thirds of the world’s population could be living in water-stressed conditions by 2025, […]

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All That There is to a Startup

With venture capitalists pouring money into start-ups, the industry has been thriving since 2009. Many have crossed $1Billion-mark but have shied away from going public, raising concerns that many such huge startups may indeed be […]