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Abenomics- Japan’s answer to its Lost Decade

Abenomics is Japan’s answer to its lost decade.With more than two decades of financial turmoil and big bang reforms, Japanese prime minister,Shinzō Abe proposed Abenomics, a term named after him.This is a very quick overview on what abenomics is just before the final verdict of its acceptance on June14th 2013.

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Banking on Thin Ice !

A bank failure leads to an economic failure and in the past many similar failures have been faced all across the world but lessons are yet to be learnt. The recession of 2007-2013 is difference from previous depressions and bank failures simply because we are more globally connected and products like currency derivatives have just made banking across the world globally connected. This article looks at the Central banking system, focuses on shadow banking and breezes through the issue of systemic risk.

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Is BRICS the next EURO?

With the financial turmoil all across economies, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa( popularly known as BRICS) remain the largest contributor in the world’s GDP i.e. 25% of global GDP and also 40% of the world’s population. With the recent meet in Durban, many contrast views have been expressed regarding to the aims and objectives of BRICS and whether it will be big as G7 by 2025 This article highlights a review on the same and its comparison to the Euro zone.