In an interview with CNBC, Mohamed El Erian’s thoughts seemed to align with Bill Gross’s statements. “I would have hiked earlier and I would have gotten off zero earlier, but it’s easier to say with hindsight,” El-Erian told CNBC. “We know that there was a moment when domestic data was relatively strong and international data was okay. Now, the international data is really scary, and therefore the Fed has lost the opportunity when it had some alignment.”Read More →

For long, geopolitics seemed to have started playing an important role in deciding the destiny of global financial markets. 2015 has seen contrasting developments, where nearly every market affected the other, irrespective of how much contribution one made to the other’s GDP. The reason could be that globally financial markets remain highly interconnected and if not through investments then through trade, the influence remained inevitable. This article highlights four important economies that could make a difference to global financial markets.
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Recurring Deposits (RD) are a great way to deposit bit by bit and yield a high amount on maturity. A very popular tool for those who cannot use the entire savings but a few thousands in order to get a high amount back on maturity. The interest charged on these deposits is similar to the ones on fixed deposits. Personally, even if you shell out Rs. 100  every month then it can get you a higher returns later. The recurring deposit starts with INR 100 in banks, INR 10 with post Office and maximum limit can be any.Non Resident Indians (NRIs)are not allowed to have suchRead More →

The year of 2012 saw one of the biggest scandals in the international banking industry that went unnoticed and was less talked about amidst the Euro Zone crisis. The reason this becomes big now and needs immediate attention is because it could be the beginning of a ‘Big Bank Scandal’. When banks start operating purely for profit purposes, then any sort of manipulation may yield to serious results where the customers face huge losses and a loss of investors’ confidence. Before digging deep in the scandal, it is important to know exactly what Libor is and how it is controlled. Libor is London Inter-bank OfferedRead More →