Deena Zaidi

Data Journalist


A data journalist with over 10 years of writing and reporting experience. I’ve had the pleasure of working for a local news paper in Seattle for about 2.5 years, after which I worked as a data visual journalist around two years in a leading broadcast news room in Canada.

I’ve written a wide range of stories— from hidden COVID-19 fatalities and rising Omicron numbers to immigration backlogs to soaring inflation and real estate markets. I am comfortable with mapping tools and have created multimedia interactives through ESRI’s GIS interface. These stories included “50 Years Later: Expulsion from Uganda” and “Canadian Urban Skies Turn Lethal for Migratory Birds“.

Prior to CTVNews, I wrote data-driven stories for, Seattle’s Puget Sound Business Journal (PSBJ)—one of the 44 markets of American City Business Journals. I also maintained the database for the local market which were published as weekly lists. The role involved fact-checking and in-depth research through surveys and phone calls. These lists ranked regional businesses on different metrics and were eventually compiled into the Annual Book of Lists.

Early in my career, I wrote extensively for various digital publications such as, VentureBeat, Seeking Alpha, BuzzFeed, and Truthout with bylines in Reuters, Yahoo Finance, and MSN Money. I’ve authored a working paper on “The role of credit rating agencies in the Eurozone debt crisis” for Global Credit Review at the University of Singapore.

As a data journalist, I am always keen to look at the investigative side of stories where data is fundamental. My strength lies in data-driven stories that look beyond the numbers published in public records. I have solid experience in data analytics, with experience in mapping and creating interactive visuals.

I have an MSc. in International Banking and Finance from the University of Durham, England, and an MBA in Finance from ICFAI Business School, India. I hold a certificate in Data Analytics from Northeastern University and have been a part of a data bootcamp hosted by Investigative Reporters and Editors Inc. (IRE) in Seattle.

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Category: World Economy

  • Interest rate trajectory with changing inflation

    The Federal Reserve uses interest rates as one of the many monetary policies tool to keep inflation at 2% and ensure full employment. Here’s how the terms in this relationship typically work: Fed Funds Rate: The interest rate at which depository institutions (banks and credit unions) lend reserve balances to other depository institutions overnight on…

  • Inflation comparison: U.S., G20 and European Union

      In June 2022, both U.S. and G20 inflation reached 9.1%, according to monthly inflation data from OECD. However, the EU and the U.S. diverged from the G20 trajectory that month. The EU experienced a continuous rise in inflation until October 2022, while the U.S. maintained alignment with the G20 trend. Interestingly, for December 2023,…

  • U.K. has the highest inflation rate across G-7 Countries

    U.K. has the highest inflation rate across G-7 Countries

    Inflation is a key economic indicator that impacts consumers, businesses, and policymakers. Understanding inflation trends in G-7 countries provides a snapshot of the complex and interconnected global economic landscape. The G-7 consists of some of the world’s most advanced economies, including the U.S., Canada, Japan, Germany, France, the U.K. and Italy. Let’s delve into the…

  • Mortgage refinancing jumps to the highest level since March 2020

    Mortgage refinancing jumps to the highest level since March 2020

    Even though the U.S. economy remains burdened by the pandemic, prospective homebuyers and those seeking to refinance their existing mortgages are in for some good news. Following a two-week dip, mortgage applications saw a surge of 8.2%, according to the recent report by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) for the week ending Jan. 29, 2021. Mortgage refinancing jumps to…